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What! A full face for £25

Jessica Inman

Posted on April 16 2020

What! A full face for £25
You don’t need to spend a fortune to refresh your beauty essentials.
Here’s how to create a flawless full face for less than £25.
We all get into a makeup routine, but when was the last time you thought about how much your essentials cost you?
The contents of the average makeup bag in the UK costs around £180, but there are ways you can save money – up to £155 in fact! Here’s how to refresh your routine with our top beauty bargains and get everything you need for under £25.
Cover your bases
lasting perfecrtion foundation 20 shades available
Replicate your fave Insta-looks, without having to spend a small fortune. You can get a high coverage foundation that will stay looking fresh all day long for a fraction of the price. Try our Lasting Perfection Foundation for just £6.49. This unique formula contains priming properties and SPF 20, so you don’t need additional products to prepare and protect your skin.
Total so far: £5.99
Conceal it
lasting perfection concealer 20 sahdes available
Pesky pimples? Redness? Dark shadows? Say hello to our secret weapon. Lasting Perfection Concealer is a quadruple threat helping you to conceal, contour, carve the brows and cut the crease. Did we mention it’s smudge-proof, budge-proof and transfer-proof too? Best of all, it’s only £4.19. Bargain.
Total so far: £10.18
Lash out
Mascara = magic in a tube. It lengthens and darkens your lashes, making you look wide-awake and fresh-faced. Colour Lash Mascara is protein-enriched to enhance your eyes and costs just £1.99. This best-seller is insta-famous for achieving the sculpted, bushy brow!
Total so far: £12.17
Enhance your lipsFor pout with POW. Get fuller looking lips, perfect your lip line, and help your lipstick to last longer. Lip Definer (£2.79) is available in four must-have shades in a super-smooth formula that glides on easily and prevents your lipstick from bleeding. You can even streamline your makeup bag by using a lip liner all over the lips in place of lipstick.
Total so far: £14.96
Pucker up
Investing in all your fave lip shades can be expensive. Lasting Colour Lipstick comes in a wide range of intensely pigmented shades and costs just £2.99 a pop. Plus, this formula is so hydrating you can skip the lip balm or primer.
Total so far: £17.95
All-in-one palette
Why carry around extra products you don’t need? Choose a face palette that holds your blush, bronzer and highlighter all in one place, to save time, space and money. Our Blush & Glow Palette  is a 4-in-1 palette designed to highlight, blush and bronze for just £4.99. Psst – double up the bronze shade as an eyeshadow to complete your look.
Grand total: £23.44
There you have it –
a flawless face for less than £25.

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