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10 Reasons why you need this concealer

10 Reasons why you need this concealer
Our best-selling Concealer has had a makeover
Welcome back to Collections’ Beauty Feed, if you haven’t already heard the news, we gave the trusty Lasting Perfection Concealer a makeover.
Don’t worry! I know what you’re thinking, and no we haven’t changed the formulation. We just added extra benefits to make your life easier... Like a larger, fluffier doefoot to get better coverage under your eyes & extended our shade range!
If you’re a Collection Cosmetics newbie, Lasting Perfection Concealer is our hero product, the one that kind of does it all.
So now you’re thinking, but do I really need it? How is it any different to your average concealer. Well, the answer is YES, you do really need it & let me tell you why in 10 simple reasons.
  1. This formulation is SWEAT-PROOF, yes that’s right, Sweat-proof. Don’t worry about dancing all night long or lounging in the sun, Collection have got you covered.
  1. WORK-PROOF. We have got you concealed for a whole 16 hours. So, if you’re anything like me & gets ready for work in the carpark at 8AM, you’ll still be picture perfect at home time.
  1. Transfer-proof. The days where half your face disappeared & transferred onto your phone are now gone! No transfer, just 100% coverage.
  1. It actually covers & conceals. We all have things we want to hide, from dark circles to scars, this stuff actually covers them without that cakey feeling.
  1. This formulation is exceptionally blendable. Use before or after your foundation application (or both if you’re like me) & sculpt your base into a contoured goddess.
  1. Multiuse like no other concealer. As many of us avid beauty lovers know, concealer can be a great base from Eyeshadows, I can confirm that Lasting Perfection Concealer makes an unbelievable eyeshadow base. Keeping creasing at bay and pigments bold.
  1. Multiuse point 2: You can contour with this!! Collection recommend using 1-3 shades darker to contour and 1-2 to highlight. If you need a helping hand to figure out your shade, drop us a comment below & we’ll be happy to assist you in finding your perfect shade.
  1. Multiuse point 3: CARVE THOSE BROWS BABY! Not all of us are blessed with the perfect, fluffy brow. Using either the doefoot applicator or applying with a small flat brush, line the brow with the concealer to give the appearance of beautifully carved brow.
  1. It perfectly matches our NEW Lasting Perfection Foundation. Just as LPC, got a makeover, so did our foundation. Now available in a high SPF30 and 20 shades. I'll take the pair then!
  1. FINALLY, it’s under £5. This trusty tube of magic is only £4.19



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