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FRIDAY 8TH MARCH Collection Cosmetics is launching its new campaign, Real Life Beauty.

The beauty brand wants to celebrate, champion and elevate everyday expression in real life moments​ - real life beauty.

What does Real Life Beauty mean? It’s part of our every day.​ It’s moments, big and small. ​It’s real looks for real people.​ It’s the Real You.

Collection Cosmetics wants to find real people to feature in its up-and-coming campaign and is hosting an open casting for the campaign and new product launch photoshoot. The team is looking for people to take part in the open casting; everyone is welcome, as long as you’re over the age of 18. It’s for everyone. It’s Real Life Beauty.

Want to be part of our next campaign? Complete the form below.

What will happen on the day:

Once you have submitted your information, you will receive a confirmation email detailing the time and location of the open casting. Here, you’ll be invited to have a variety of images taken and you’ll meet the Real Life Beauty panel, who will ask you the following questions. Please feel free to think about these answers before attending the open casting:

Question 1: What does Real Life Beauty mean to you? Question 2: What Collection product is your favourite and why? Question 3: Why would you like to be a part of this campaign?

Following the open casting, the Real Life Beauty panel will review the materials from the open casting and select winners. The winners will be contacted and offered the prize to feature in the campaign and star in the photoshoot. Once accepted, the winners will be announced on Collection Cosmetics’ social media pages at a later date.

Not only will you feature in Collection Cosmetic’s next campaign and star in a photoshoot, but you’ll also win a goodie bag of Collection Cosmetics makeup and a receive a £300 voucher of your choice and a year supply of Collection Cosmetic’s makeup.


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