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REAL YOU! No filters. No edits.

REAL YOU! No filters. No edits.

It’s time to celebrate the REAL YOU! 


Introducing our “Real You” campaign.. We live in a world where there can be lots of pressure to achieve the unachievable when it comes to how we look, so we want to empower you to embrace your true self, because we believe true beauty doesn’t need to be filtered. 


We’re putting a stop to all filters and editing the appearance of any models and influencers across our branded content. Why? Because we know that 85% of 16-29 year olds can’t tell if a photo has been filtered. So, we want to encourage people to step away from promoting unrealistic beauty standards through the use of filters and learn to love themselves for who they are. 

We’ve also introduced a no-filter clause to all influencer contracts. So, everything you’ll see from Collection, will only ever be the real side of beauty - with some help from our campaign ambassador, Olivia Bowen, taking a stand with us to raise awareness of the impact these filters can have on self esteem, confidence and mental health in today’s society. 

Olivia shows both sides to her life, everything from glamour to pure realness, recently being praised for her openness and honesty surrounding her skin condition, psoriasis and for that we have so much respect.

Filters are having a serious impact on our daily lives and we want to inspire others to ditch the filter and showcase YOU. The REAL YOU. So why not get involved and tag #CollectionRealYou on your unfiltered, beautiful selfies. Together we can empower people to be themselves and keep it real! 


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