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Introducing our all NEW mascara range!

Introducing our all NEW mascara range!
 Say hello to fuller, longer lashes with Collection.
Collection Cosmetics Mascaras
Ever been stuck at the beauty counter, deliberating which mascara you need or will be best suited for your lashes? If this is you, stay right here. WE are here to help you. 
Whether you're looking for mascara that looks gives length, volume or just basically does it all, we have something for you! Scroll below as we answer all questions about mascaras.
What is your biggest lash concern?
Is it sparse lashes, straight lashes, or is it those pesky short lashes that never seem to grip on to the wand? If you don’t know what your current lash situation is but you know you’re not getting what you need from your current mascara, then read the below.
Let’s start with sparse lashes. Do have little gaps in-between your lash line? These little gaps could be small bald patches either due to picking mascara off, twiddling with lash extensions or not removing your falsies properly after your night out. Sound familiar?
If this is you & you’re currently struggling to find mascara that not only provides length, thickness but gives nourishment then Collection Cosmetics Vita Boosting Mascara is for you.
Collection Vita Lash Mascara
This mascara is infused with pro-Vitamin B5 and peptides, the formula is enriched with ingredients that promote and enhance lash growth. It’s a total WIN WIN for anyone with sparse lashes!
Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed by the gods with eyelashes as long as lash extensions. So, next on the list of lash struggles is short lashes!
If you have short stumpy lashes, this recommendation is for you. Depending on your makeup & mood we have few mascaras to offer.
If you’re looking for length, definition & volume then Lash Surge Mascara will be your absolute go-to mascara from now until eternity. Its only £4.99 and its loved by all influencers & makeup artists. Some speculate it is a dupe of a much-loved premium brand but that’s none of our business *sips tea*.  Jokes aside, Lash Surge Mascara is 5 stars for a reason so why don’t you check it out for yourself & see our before & after video here.
Lash Surge Mascara
Whether you’re looking for a lot of length but not too much volume & thickness, Collection recommend Long Shot Lengthening Mascara. It separates & defines lashes like no other & comes with a unique ball tip to help grip those tiny inner corners as well as add extra length & depth to the lower lashes. 
Collection Cosmetics Long Shot Mascaras
Already got a mascara but it’s not giving you everything you need? Try Collection Cosmetics Lash Primer.
Enriched with shea butter & Vitamin E, it is formulated to separate, condition and your prep lashes instantly. The fluffy and tapered brush application is designed to separate and fan-out lashes. It will be your new easy-to-use essential, to be applied before your everyday mascara. 
Collection Cosmetics Lash Primer
Last but not least, if you are fortunately blessed with beautiful long lashes but they don’t have the curl & lift you desire, then look no further. Collection have formulated an all new curling mascara, Max Curve!
Crafted with a flexible comb-like brush, this mascara helps to catch, separate, lift and curl every single lash for a fully fanned effect. This mascara definitely makes your eyes appear bigger and more alert.
Max Curve Curling Mascara
And finally, if you just need a mascara that basically does it & gives you 100% BIG DRAMA. Then, Collections’ Big Drama Mascara has your name all over it!
Achieve 3D volume lashes using the jumbo-sized rounded brush works to cover lashes you didn’t even know you had, working from root to tip for the big drama effect. This no hassle, vegan mascara is foolproof, so no need to worry about those pesky panda eyes.
Collection Cosmetics Big drama mascara
All mascaras are 100% vegan & absolutely no animals were harmed during the process of producing these products. Let us know in the comments below which mascara you need!
Collection Cosmetics Mascaras
Lots of love!
Team Collection,

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