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Top Lockdown Self-Care Tips

Top Lockdown Self-Care Tips

Last week we launched ‘Lockdown Love With Collection’ a series that will bring you a mix of mindfulness, fitness, and of course makeup content for the next few weeks - hosted by smaller creators. In honour of our new series, we wanted to bring you some of our top lockdown self-care tips.


So, whether you’re feeling optimistic or a bit low by the latest Lockdown rules, taking care of yourself is hugely important either way. A great self-care routine not only helps to improve our mental health, but it allows us time to reflect on the good parts of our day.

It’s inevitable from time to time that we will worry about things in our lives, from our health, our finances, and our families. However, we must allow ourselves time to have peace of mind and remain in good mental and physical well-being. With that in mind here are some self-care tips from us at Collection Cosmetics.


Move your body

Moving our bodies and exercise in our day is known for its great results. Whether it's a 10-minute yoga session or a 20-minute min walk on your lunch break, the long-term benefits shouldn’t be underestimated. We say do it at your own pace, whatever moving your body looks like for you, that’s 100% fine. Last week we shared a little 5 minute thigh burner with the amazing Natalie from @barre.balance which you can watch here.

Keep in touch

Technology has shown its positive side over the past year, by allowing us to still stay connected to our loved ones. A good chat over FaceTime or a game night with family can help brighten our moods massively and help another day in Lockdown run smoothly.


Embrace the extra time

With all the extra time we are now spending indoors, why not use it to do the hobby you’ve been wanting to try out for ages? From reading a new book to embroidery stitching, there are a handful of different fun DIY tasks we can get stuck into. Who knows you might find something you’re good at?

Wild Flower and Rock On Eyes Uncovered Duo POS Shot

Have a pamper evening

A cosy, relaxing pamper evening will never go a miss. Why not run a hot bath, pick a face mask, and paint your nails? You’re bound to feel much more content and relaxed after treating yourself.


It’s important to remember that for most of us self-care may just be about taking time to sit still and understanding our true feelings. Lockdown can be hard but putting yourself first and allowing yourself time to breathe will definitely help.

For now, remember to stay safe and look forward to the future.

 Love, Collection Cosmetics x

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